A major Oil and Gas business uses Emex to record every incident that takes place. Now with over 15,000 incidents recorded in their database, the company is getting real insights into the causes of incidents, enabling them to drive behaviour change across the business. Multimedia video and photo content are used to record incidents from the remote parts of their business. Once transmitted back to HQ and EHS team it allows them make an immediate assessment.


Emex has worked with a major provider of construction materials to build and roll out a truly global Incident Management System from a single centralised platform, this includes the introduction of offline functionality for delivery of incident reporting and data capture templates. Emex has enabled this company to gain a clear line of site across the organisation, to identify trends and implement safer working procedures.


A global transportation and logistics company relies on the Emex sustainability suite to underpin and provide the automated backbone to it’s industry environmental programmes and deliver a standardised global approach to their carbon intelligence and emission reduction efforts. The existing sustainability processes were embedded within the Emex solution to deliver real-time intelligence that supports executive decision making helping them to more effectively manage the operational challenges of their environment programme.


Emex implemented a common web-based automated system that allows all supervisors to enter incidents, as they happen to speed the notification process. The system allows greater analysis of notification trends across the entire organisation, by division or at the site level. This has enabled a more solid foundation for Health, Safety and Environmental resource prioritisation across the organisation, using real time data; Improvements in resource utilisation have significantly increased the probability of delivering major benefits in terms of reduced losses.


A global provider of coatings selected Emex because of its class leading software and in particular, the configurable incident management process, and powerful reporting capabilities. Emex successfully imported over 5 years of historical incident and environmental data, immediately providing them with powerful insights from the Emex Reporting Modules. Emex was integrated with a number of other software systems including SAP, delivering new insights into historic incident data, and greatly enhanced internal reporting.

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