Carbon Management

Capture your data. Manage your targets.
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Challenges in calculating your
GHG footprint

1. What is the boundary of your operations?

2. What are your material sources of emissions?

3.  Where does your activity data come from?

4. Do you have the right culture?

Measuring carbon is now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Accurately capture and measure your carbon impact with Emex

Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

Emissions under the control of the organisation such as fuel combustion

Indirect emissions from purchased electricity sources

Emissions are created during the production of energy used by the organisation

Indirect emissions occurring in the value stream

Emissions associated with business travel, procurement, waste and water

The Emex Carbon Management Solution


Easily measure Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions by automating and streamlining data capture across your business in line with best practice reporting frameworks


Utilise our advanced analytics capabilities to track and understand your GHG footprint over time. Our intelligent carbon dashboards, predictive analytics and AI tools help to identify the highest impact measures to help manage carbon targets and reduce your carbon footprint.


Effortlessly produce and export reports outlining the journey towards net-zero to a full suite of  stakeholders. Create investor-grade reports that will meet any reporting standard (CDP, SASB etc.) or ratings agency (MSCI, Sustainalytics etc.), as well as meeting stringent verification processes of third party auditors.


Gain access to a global marketplace for carbon offsetting and removal solutions. The projects suggested are verified using globally recognised standards, allowing to offset the hardest to abate emissions using the highest quality and most innovate solutions available.

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