Natalie Ho is a Graduate Analyst, based in our London office. As part of our first graduate program, there is huge flexibility to rotate across different business areas, learning new skills & bringing new insights across the whole business.

What’s your background? What led you to this role at Emex?

I graduated from university with a BSc in Geography in 2021 with no clear career path, but I knew I wanted to pursue my passion in sustainability.

The graduate programme was posted on my university’s careers website, and was drawn in by the shared passion and values for sustainability and the opportunity to actively take action to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Why the Emex Graduate Program?

The graduate programme looked like it would allow me to completely immerse myself into the company and experience different departments and roles on rotation. My rotation has started in the Marketing department, which has allowed me to gain key market knowledge and begin to understand competitive strategy.

Although I have only just started, I know that I’ll be supported and guided towards whatever career direction I wish to follow, giving me the flexibility to rotate until I find a department/role which best suits me.

Favourite part about working at Emex?

What I love about working at Emex is their efforts to highlight the importance of mental health within the workplace – here is a place where I know that my mental health is top priority.

Furthermore, the flexibility of hybrid working is a lot more accommodating to everyone’s working styles, but the team culture is what I enjoy the most. The London team is quite a small knit, sociable community so it means that you get to know each and every one of the team, even if they do not work in your department.

Outside of Emex

Outside of Emex you can find me going on long walks, going on bike rides around the countryside, surfing on the coast or indoor rock climbing with a group of friends. I am also a massive fan of going to exhibitions, museums, musicals and shows and being in London means that there is not a shortage of these!

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