Emex, a leading EHS software provider, has today announced the release of an innovative COVID-19 solution to enable businesses and their employees to safely return to work. With over a decade of sector experience, Emex has taken proven EHS functionality and adapted the platform to aid businesses of all sizes in return to work initiatives.

Using Emex will give businesses complete centralised control over COVID-19 health and safety management programmes. From contact tracing to incident management, and occupational health & safety reporting, Emex offers an integrated system to protect businesses, staff and stakeholders.

The new solution fully supports remote workers, with integrated self-assessments and workflow management, protecting employees whether they are on site or working remotely.

David O’Shaughnessy, Chief Operating Officer at Emex, comments: ‘Post discussions with clients and prospects we realised that both businesses would need robust management systems to ensure a safe and sustainable return to work. Our platform has long met the EHS needs of our global clients, yet the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unprecedented areas of risk that we were keen to address. Using our pre-existing functionality, we have designed a comprehensive solution that makes use of our integrated platform to help businesses and workforces across industries return to work.

Our solution makes use of existing functionality, intelligently handling the input of EHS data for deeper insights, with behavioural safety capacity to ensure the safety and confidence of the workforce. Staff can now feel secure in the workplace amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.’

One of Emex’s clients, a large Irish subsidiary of a global insurance enterprise, adds: ‘We were aware of the manifold issues present when trying to re-open workplaces, and we wanted specific EHS capacity to deal with this. Beyond the obvious concerns of PPE and social distancing, we needed a proactive way to manage our workforce. Our employees had to be able to report symptoms efficiently, and have the capability to quickly and easily alert staff to health & safety issues from a mobile device. We now feel as if our staff are fully equipped for our phased back to work initiatives.’

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