On 28th September, the team at Emex attended the REMEDy Conference for Contaminated Sites in Warsaw, hosted by our partners, Lion Environmental.

The event looked at the challenges faced by Sustainable Remediation (SR), along with related sustainability disciplines.

Key observations from the event:

  • Transformation of contaminated sites, or development of green field sites, is an occasion to deliver Net-Zero.
  • Remediation of contaminated land can deliver Net-Zero, and thereby offset costs and bring an opportunity to deliver ESG reporting.
  • Companies up and down the value chain must be ready to measure and report back their GHG footprint and impacts in order to meet stakeholder demands.

Emex COO and VP Sustainability & ESG, Daniel Gribbin, had the opportunity with the audience to highlight solutions for sustainable remediation, from a technical and investigative perspective.

Daniel explored how to optimise processes that maximises environmental benefits, enhances economic growth, meets social responsibilities and improves environmental stewardship.

Solutions to the challenges:

  • Automating data collection.
    At the event, Emex announced a new product launch, Emex CarbonGo, a low-code solution to easily measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions by automating and streamlining data capture in line with best practice reporting frameworks. Businesses can be up and running within days with all the support from us. Watch Daniel speak about the key challenges of reporting emissions and Emex CarbonGo here.
  • Utilising advanced analytics.
    Dashboards that report timely and accurate datasets will provide a clearer picture and a better understanding into your GHG footprint over time. Harnessing innovative tech with your analytics, such as machine learning, can also improve data insight. Emex CarbonGo analytics features forecasting to help users transition from making good decisions to smart decisions.

We had a fantastic time improving our knowledge of the sustainable remediation market, sharing insight into solutions, and connecting with key stakeholders in the contaminated industry throughout Poland and Europe.

Get in touch to learn more about CarbonGo here.

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