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Accessibility and functionality

These are our platform priorities. Our cloud-based software consolidates all sustainability, safety, environmental activities and reporting capabilities into a single platform. Emex is scalable, configurable, and designed to meet dynamic business needs. The platform offers easy-to-use toolsets to facilitate the building of forms, process workflows, reports and dashboards with complete training and support.

Platform Traits


Fast access web application designed to use on any device.



Scaled to support multiple users with replicated environments.



iOS and Android apps available to support key modules on the go.



Highest level of data security with single sign-on and access control.




Via push notifications


Easy integration capabilities with multiple sources and applications


For investigations, risk assessments, audits, documents, questionnaires etc.


Build and communicate with teams across your business with notifications to keep everyone informed


Trigger reminders and escalation notifications at any stage for due and overdue actions


Automatic distribution of reports to relevant audiences

Sleek dashboards for
optimised communication

Our Business Intelligence dashboard designer provides full design capabilities to create insightful and information-rich interactive visuals.

The dashboard and analytics functionality is developed on top of the Microsoft Power BI platform. Integration of third party BI tools is also fully supported, with a number of clients using the likes of QlikView, SAP BusinessObjects, and Tableau.

The dashboard designer offers an easy-to-use drag and drop design surface to construct dashboards based on platform data. A wide choice of chart types are supported including bar, line, pie, donut, scatter, pivot tables, gauges, and performance cards. Dashboards can be published to relevant areas of the organisation, region, business division, or software system roles.

The formula and KPI builder allows for complex custom calculations to be configured based on your specific business requirements. Formulas created are automatically generated from your data when running reports and dashboards.

Rolling average, monthly, YTD calculations, frequency rates and other formulas are fully configurable. Built-in functions include displayed values of previous years, percentage difference, and actual difference values of previous years. Rules can be applied to highlight values in data tables with a colour range or icon, to display a percentage or actual variation, and when the value exceeds a threshold.

A platform that works with your specific business requirements.

The Form Layout Manager

Take complete control of all end user forms within the web and mobile apps using intuitive form setup and management.

Customisation is made simple to easily modify the platform. The drop and drag functionality allows system administrators to manage the look and feel of new and existing forms to provide straightforward navigation for end users.
Field component rules can be written to display or hide additional information fields based on a user’s answer to a previous question – making the user experience cleaner and steered throughout the platform.
Tooltips can be applied to help guide end users through the completion of forms. They can be used to provide additional information such as definitions, or to ensure the input of concise and required information.
Tables can be created for the addition of multiple rows. These can be as simple as a row of text box fields, or contain a series of different types of fields such as text, dropdown, and list values.
Data integrity is maintained by setting visibility rules at either a section or field level of a form, ensuring the right data is available to the right audience. Rules can also be applied to ensure data is not exposed.
The complete localisation of forms is supported. The translation workbench is an integral part of the Administration section of the platform, which can support double byte character sets. Pre-configured support for a number of languages is also available.

The service-orientated nature of the platform provides a number of integration options for communicating with other applications and data stores. We recommend the use of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture when integrating with multiple legacy or ERP systems.


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