Mobile Improvements

Released 8th February 2021

Medium Update

Emex has released enhancements to the look and feel of our mobile app. Our in-house product and design teams have been listening to client feedback and made improvements to both the user experience (UX) and mobile interface. Some key updates to the design include: 

  • Improved UX for new users resulting in a more simplified process for registration when signing up – this has been successful with our clients and their contractors. 
  • Current users can enjoy a simpler way of quickly reporting incidents, safety observations, etc. We have reviewed the flow of reporting on the app so it is more intuitive and user friendly. 
  • The overall styling of the mobile app has been given a cosmetic improvement, offering clean and modern visuals on screens and easier navigation for users.  

As a result of these enhancements, many of our clients have reported an increase in user engagement and usage of the app, resulting in more data capture for better insights.

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