New Analytics Template: Risk Heat Map

Released 22nd July 2020

Medium Update
Risk Management

Emex have expanded our range of standard dashboard templates, increasing the number of dashboards which customers are able to quickly and easily pull from the platform depending on their specific requirements.

One of our new templates is the risk heat map; a colour coded 5×5 scale that enables users to visually assess the risk areas plotted on the map based on severity x likelihood. Linked to the risk assessment module users are able to manage the results of Risk Assessments in a smart and concise way to improve overall insights. Our users have found that this makes risk assessment results easy to understand, enabling more intelligent decision making as a result.

Results can be easily and quickly mapped against the overall risk tolerance of a company, which can help drive company-wide improvements and change. This data can be easily shared to all stakeholders involved to improve company communication and change behaviours.


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