New Chemical Risk Assessment Added

Released 8th February 2021

Major Update
Risk Assessments

Emex is excited to release updates to our Risk Module. We have added Chemical Risk Assessments to identify chemical hazards produced by work activities that will now allow the user to place control measures for a specific risk.

You will now be able to capture information for chemical dustiness and volatility, details of exposure, current protection and prevention measures. You can also select hazard pictograms that relay a graphic image to immediately depict what type of danger is present.

The new update allows users to raise an action for planned measures and assign responsibility to specific individuals involved in the chemical risk assessment process, assuring that accountability and ownership is taken.

Additionally, training documents and other attachments can be uploaded here to have all corresponding materials filed easily into one place for review. Emex easily allows you to export and print any of these reports in formats such as Excel and PDF.



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