New Climate Focused Dashboards

Released 1st June 2021

Major Update
Data Reporting
We have extended the range of pre-configured climate management dashboards available. Clients can now gain powerful insights into their climate metrics using our carbon focused analytics: 

CO2 Anomaly Detection

What it is

A dashboard that enables clients to quickly identify discrepancies and abnormalities in CO2 emissions and energy efficiency data. 

Why it is useful

It automates the search for anomalies and identifies opportunities for performance improvement. The dashboard ensures anomalies are not missed and avoids lengthy escalation processes.

CO2 – What-If Analysis

What it is

An interactive dashboard that enables you to model multiple CO2 scenarios. For example, how can increasing the fuel mix on a site impact overall CO2 emissions?

Why it is useful

Enables you to accurately model the impact that changes to CO2 levers have on overall performance to support decision making. Share the model across your organisation to ensure confidence buy in to the numbers.

CO2 Forecasting

What it is

Use this dashboard to examine past and current CO2 performance data and build forecasts of the likely CO2 trajectory and energy efficiency rate for different time periods.

Why it is useful

This dashboard allows you to better understand future CO2 performance to align trajectory to objectives.  

Ideal to use in planning and managing the achievement of business targets such as net-zero emissions, supporting clients in monitoring whether further changes are required.

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