New Feature: Body Map for Injury Reporting

Released 22nd December 2020

Medium Update

Emex has optimised our Incident Reports by integrating a body map visual on our dashboards. This fully interactive feature enables users to identify the location of any injury or even multiple injuries that might occur to make reporting more effective.

Our body map improves user experience for incident reporting, as it is quick and simple to select the required body part. In addition to this, the accuracy of incident logs is improved as users can be more direct and explicit when logging an injury.

Users can interact and click on front and back biometrics to select the location of the injury or multiple selection is possible if there is more than one injury. This improves the ease, speed, and accuracy of incident logs with a straightforward visual.

Furthermore, this improves communication with stakeholders as incident reviewers are able to quickly and visually understand the location of the injury with a quick glance.


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