New Pre-Configured Sustainability Questionnaires to Start Your Journey

Released 8th February 2021

Major Update
Data Reporting

To support our customers in their sustainability journey, Emex now includes 12 pre-configured questionnaires covering the main sustainability areas: Environmental, Social and Economic/Governance. For example:

  • The environmental pre-configured questionnaire has been based on the main GRI and DJSI requirements: it covers environmental compliance, production & circular economy, energy and climate, biodiversity & water.
  • The pre-configured human capital questionnaire follows similar standards and covers: headcount per gender, age and contract types, turnover, training and employee performance.

Customers now have the option to utilise the off-the-shelf questionnaires as standard templates or adjust them to meet their specific needs.

The main calculations have also been pre-configured and insightful dashboards accompany these questionnaires. These have been thoughtfully designed with different users in mind, ensuring that the information seen is most useful to them. For example, we have created dashboards aimed at the users who coordinate the reporting campaign as well as top managers.



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