Power BI Enhancement

Released 8th February 2021

Medium Update

Emex is excited to announce the full integration of Microsoft Power BI reporting capabilities into our platform. This provides users with a seamless experience, enabling them to quickly and easily access important analytical information relevant to their organisation. This ensures that users are kept well-informed of valuable insights that are communicated throughout their business.  

The visibility of dashboards is controlled and dependent on the user to ensure security. This means that users can access relevant dashboards and view what they are required to see based on their role in the company. For example, a user who is a manager will have different analytical dashboards available to them compared to a user who inputs data. 

This ensures that confidential information is only seen by those who are permitted to see it. Users can now efficiently view the correct information without filtering through irrelevant data, saving them time to ensure that meaningful insights are going to the right person. 


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