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Emex – the value and objective focused EHS software platform.
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Emex for Environmental Health & Safety

Emex provides a robust Environmental, Health and Safety platform with integrated modular features. Our solution is designed to centralise, integrate and automate the management of EHS compliance.

Engage workers with our easy to use mobile app, helping to create a proactive safety culture while protecting your company from operational risks.

Identify emerging trends and monitor EHS performance using our intuitive reporting and embedded analytics.

Choose to deploy specific modules or take the full package. Run our default out of the box offering, or tailor the system to your requirements using our configuration toolsets.

Emex will support your business in implementing best practice for all aspects of EHS compliance.

Manage compliance of regulations and policies with our Audits & Inspections Module, where you can create corrective actions and suggest recommendations all in one place. Run high quality “self-checks” and optimize the way your inspections are conducted with predesigned checklists.

  • Pre-schedule and assign audits & inspections
  • Authorize access to data, based on permission-based roles
  • Record and export data on site using mobile or tablet
  • Raise and implement corrective actions for non-compliant items
  • Attach photos, documents, notes & other reference materials to your inspections
  • Establish a culture of accountability with digital signatures

Document your workplace injuries, near misses and accidents with our Incidents Module. Allow thorough investigation and analysis of an event with detailed reports no matter how minor the injury. Examining root causes and proactively monitoring corrective actions over time, will not only prevent future occurrences, but ultimately help you lower costs on insurance.

  • Track multiple lost or restricted work day periods, timeline events, witness details, costs, immediate & root causes and generate detailed incident reports without leaving the site
  • Manage the entire incident lifecycle using; verification, escalation and approval processes
  •  Pre-configured options available for RIDDOR, OSHA or HSA reporting
  • Seamlessly collaborate with external contractors
  • Reduce incident response time with continuous feedback loop on investigation and reporting
  • Record multiple outcomes in a single report

Systematically identify sensible measures to control risks, comply with legislative requirements and improve the overall health and safety of your workers with our Risk Assessment Module. Understand the overall risk profile, pre- and post- control measures to mitigate hazards efficiently.

  • Quantify risks remaining after control measures have been applied to prioritize capital allocation with our residual rating methodology
  • Configure scoring matrices and risk process based on the type of assessment
  • Build a dynamic library of hazards and controls to be used across your organisation
  • Assign corrective actions, track control measure tasks and set escalation workflows to ensure hazards are addressed in a timely manner
  • Record participants, attach and track documents, videos, photos, notes & reference materials

Establish a positive safety culture in your organisation, increase productivity and improve employee morale all the whilst reducing injuries and lowering costs with our Safety Observations Module. Consistently performing safety observations and documenting near misses will not only modify behaviour but also encourage safe work practices.

  • Derive correlations between unsafe behaviour and cause of incident
  • Track multiple participants and time spent on each observation
  • Analyse safe, unsafe and at-risk behaviours against different checklists based on job roles and environments
  • Record your safe and unsafe observations with our simple “voice to text” feature
  • Upload media and other photographic evidence
  • Set and assign corrective actions for potential hazards
  • Simple set-up of data collection templates
  • Capture Operational or EHS data for any interval
  • Track to ensure employee work hours, head counts etc. are submitted on time
  • Deploy a workflow to notify reviewal, approval and escalation processes
  • Place visibility rules so relevant data is seen by the relevant users
  • Create bespoke formulas or use our default industry standard calculations e.g. TRIF, LTIFR
  • Collect any EHS leading and lagging indicators
  • Utilise our reporting and analytics to monitor performance
  • Simple set-up of data collection templates
  • Capture and report on all environmental aspects, including: Energy, Air, Water, Waste, Recycling, Travel and Paper
  • Utilise emissions libraries to store country specific emission factors, allowing companies operating globally to produce reports at any given time and for any region
  • Support for smart and flexible reporting and analytics, giving real insights into energy related data
  • Manage multi-currency and units of measure conversion
  • Create bespoke expressions and calculations for use on interactive dashboards
  • Tailor visibility rules for relevant data collection templates to be seen by relevant departments
  • Configure workflow to support business-wide adherence to procedures and controls
  • Generate reports for internal and external reporting standards, e.g. CDP, GHG

Successfully mine your compliance and asset management data to prevent violations, reduce the number of incidents and anticipate maintenance needs before a non-compliance event occurs with our intelligence cloud. By collecting and analysing leading and lagging indicators, companies are able to make proactive decisions, which reduces costs and the risk of a non-compliance event.

  • Relate the data to conditions on the ground in a near real-time manner
  • Avoid production downtime, costly maintenance repairs, and prevent penalties
  • Identify trends and put preventative measures in place before a process, procedure or asset fails
  • Demonstrate how your preventative maintenance program successfully reduced operational downtime, eliminated duplicative workflows and enabled employees to be utilised more effectively
  • Transform your business and unlock cost savings and new revenue streams
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Emex for ESG

Emex understands that a strong ESG system leads to higher returns, reduced debt costs, and improved revenues. We have worked hard with clients to create a proven solution that streamlines the collection of data and provides real-time insight into your performance.

Flexible Forms:

  • Customisable Questionnaires
  • Simple Intuitive Editor
  • Define Mandatory Fields
  • Manage Visibility of Data
  • In-Built Standards (eg GRI, SASB)
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