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Delivering these priorities – from net zero to increased employee safety – demands action and accountability, rooted in data that is accurate, timely, and insightful. With our support, businesses can achieve profitability whilst protecting people and the planet.

The Emex platform powers industry-leading ESG and EHS solutions designed to:

  • translate sustainability goals into tangible actions
  • leverage high quality data
  • provide expert insight to help customers measure, track, and advance towards their goals

Our ESG and EHS solutions start at the source: with data. With the way we collect itConnect it. Communicate it. Act on it. Our end-to-end solution leverages IoT technology and expert input to capture critical health, safety, and environmental data at its source – providing the tools needed to deliver real, measurable ROI against your sustainability targets.


Sustainability & ESG

Track and quantify the most important sustainability metrics for your organisation and your investors

  • Comprehensive data collection across different topics, including Environmental, Supply Chain, People and Governance
  • Accurate tools that provide a reliable view of where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Track and assess impacts through qualified performance metrics
  • Clear analytics that translate massive volumes of data into actionable insights for smarter decisions
  • Comply with regulatory standards, such as SASB, CDP and CSRD
  • Accessible with different data formats and outside sources through APIs, such as financial rating agencies

Environmental, Health & Safety

Centralise, integrate, and automate the management of EHS compliance within
your business

  • Choose to deploy specific modules, or the full platform. Run our out-of-the-box offering, or customise to fit your business needs
  • Identify emerging trends using our intuitive reporting and embedded analytics
  • Reduce response time to incidents, actions, risks and more with continuous
    feedback loops
  • Engage workers with our easy-to-use mobile app for a more proactive safety culture
  • Innovative designs and efforts to support our clients, from a team of technical and industry experts

Fast integration capability
enables Emex to sit within
any ERP environment

This provides a number of advantages:

  • Dedicated service to manage integration
  • Easily configured and extended
  • High performance and scalability
  • Auto scheduling, fault tolerance
  • Auditing, logging, and alerts
  • Support for all common integration protocols and formats








Years in Business

A single cloud-based platform

Our cloud-based platform consolidates all EHS and ESG processes and reporting capabilities into a single platform, ensuring all your data is centralised. Emex is scalable, configurable and designed to meet the needs of dynamic businesses. The platform has easy to use toolsets that enable you to have your own automation, whilst still having the support of the Emex team.

The service-orientated nature of the platform provides a number of integration options for communicating with other applications and data stores. The platform also supports full localisation, with the translation workbench being an integral part of the administration toolset

Our Clients

We empower our clients with an information architecture centred around quality data acquisition to drive measurement, action and accountability. Emex provides the platform to design these end-to-end workflows and help our clients properly leverage their data assets to bridge the gap between their sustainability ambitions and effective actions.

Our Partners

Emex recognises that rolling out effective EHS & ESG Management Software is of paramount importance in today’s environment. If you are interested in partnering with Emex to expedite the global adoption of best in class EHS & ESG procedures we would love to speak to you.

Optimise business performance and digitalise complex processes with Emex ESG & EHS solutions.


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